Tuesday, 3 January 2017

The Sooner, The Better

Somebuddy throw me in a box and slap it with a shipping label addressed to Salt Spring Island please. I won't complain.

Life is too short to self-mutilate with unfulfilled desires.


Suffice to say, once you are removed from this Earth, your chances of living those moments are nixed and nulled. Forever.

While it is important to plan and prepare for upcoming circumstance, one must find a priorital balance between how to get there, and actually getting there. Sometimes you just have to say ARF IT and exercise a leap of faith. Many of those preparatory priorities can be sorted out after the fact.

In fact, life tends to favour the faithful, over the prepared. The prepared seem to load up on expectations for outcomes, which life rarely respects. It will throw curveballs out of left-field and monkey-wrenches into the works... until nothing does, as one thought it would... Or should. Don't 'should' on life (or people, for that matter; splatter). Just simply believe in something. Passionately - and pour yourself into that endeavour. Life loves to respond to that... in positive and empowered ways.

It tells life that it is beautiful and bountiful, and worthy of your trust.

Then things fall into place. Circumstances take care of themselves. And growth occurs naturally - as it should; without being told how it should, or when and where or why.

But this is hard for many to fathom. And follow. For we are conditioned by a world built on acquisition and assumption. We think we can arm ourselves in very certain terms and that we are impotent against life until we do so. But life is not against us. It is for us. And we are for it. For it is all we have, truly. Everything else is just window dressing.

Or ranch dressing.

It covers the flavour we could all stand to learn how to savour.

Everyone has different tastes. We all see things differently. I see that as precious. And something to be extrapolated. Explored. Emphasized and utilized. Encouraged and engorged. Instead of focusing on little things, like fleeting pieces of an ever-shifting puzzle, we could be mindful of a larger picture. Intuitively. We could let go of what we know and trust our hearts to feel our way towards a larger view of the big picture that we are all a part of.


Sure there are hurts, and scrapes and aches and woes, but they are not everything. We can make them everything, if we think about nothing else. But these are merely the growing pains of an expanding universe. And if we feel them, then we can let them serve to remind us that we are an important part of that growth.

And thus feel welcome to grow with it.

For they are not punishments, or deterrents. But currents, that we might unintentionally be moving against. We would do better to just let go, and know with the flow.

You know?

So have faith. And things will work out. Pursue your dreams and desires. And destinations. You will learn more, and live more, than you ever have before.

I think.